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We're back!!

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Can you believe it! We are finally back and rehearsals are well underway!

A huge thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to get us back into full rehearsal mode, from temperature checks to mask wearing, social distancing to understudies; I doubt there is very little the company will do to get Guys and Dolls on the stage.

We started up again on Thursday the 20th January (after a two week delay due to Omicron causing havoc and pushing up Covid cases in the area) but what a fantastic response we had!

It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and so many new faces too (even if they had to hide behind masks.) Thank you to all who attended and welcome to the MMTC family. #wearemmtc

Rehearsals started with learning audition pieces for both singing and dancing, which we managed to do at record speed as auditions were literally right around the corner.

Still from our rehearsals

We held auditions on Sunday 30th January. What a difficult job to cast this show, we had so much fantastic talent, and this time around because of covid the job was made even harder as we also had to cast understudies for all lead roles.

The audition panel

The Cast are working so hard each week and it's lovely to see how well everyone is adapting and working together on their roles not only the leads and understudies who are supporting each other to ensure each knows what the other is doing during each scene, but also the the ensemble cast who are adapting to working with two sets of leads.

Roll on June and this fantastic production!

Tickets are now on sale, simply click the button below to order yours today!!

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